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General Store at Cherry Mountain Farm
Kunekune pigs enjoying a back rub at Cherry Mountain Farm

Escape to the

We have so much to offer you at the farm!

Come visit our general store in Western North Carolina at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and meet our herd of Angora Goats and Kunekune pigs.


At the General Store you will find something for everyone:

  • One of the largest collections of Case® knives in Western North Carolina

  • Angora Goat Fleeces

  • Socks made from our goats

  • Mohair yarn

  • Roving for spinning

  • So much more


Interested in a farm tour? 


Learn about the history of this beautiful breed of Angora goats and watch the guardian dogs in action. For the full Western North Carolina Farm Tour experience, be sure to schedule a tour with us. We have something for everyone!


At our unique general store situated right on Cherry Mountain Farm, we have something for everyone. 

Angora Goats
Farm Animals
About Us

Our adventure started when we found this property in 2007 as we were planning for retirement in 2013.  There was nothing other than a beautiful hay field that had just been cut and everything else was overgrown. Craig is the "vision guy" and thus far he had never disappointed me so we took the plunge and purchased the land.  We would have never thought we would be doing what we do but we wouldn't change it for anything!


I grew up in Queens about 20 minutes outside of Manhattan and have always lived in a city.  My dream was to one day have a farm and we shared that dream.  A former pediatric nurse who transitioned to a wonderful career in medical device sales in South Florida, I had owned horses since my late 20's but that was the extent of my livestock experience.  Retiring and moving was a tough transition for me and when I met a woman in a class at a fiber festival who wanted to sell her herd of 7 Angora Goats, Craig thought it would be a good idea for me to do something new.  He had just finished a storage shed for his farm equipment and said I  could have a part of it.  I took the whole thing and had him add on an addition and the rest is history! I love the breed and love telling people about them and the beautiful mohair they produce and am so glad they are a part of my life.  

I bred for a few years and found that I did not like selling them so I kept almost all of the ones that were born on the farm.  In 2020 I decided it was getting crowded so I sold my beautiful Buck and 2 Does and took a break.  I wanted to have another kid friendly animal and a family on a farm tour told me about Kunekune Pigs.  They are a heritage breed originating  from the Maori Islands in New Zealand.  As I researched them I realized they would make a great addition to the farm.  I got Frick and Frack at 8 weeks old in April of 2021 and they are brothers who are neutered.  They are the sweetest pigs who love people and have fit in beautifully.

Craig retired in 2012 as a Captain with the Town of Palm Beach Fire Department in Palm Beach Florida.  It was his vision and creativity that was the driving force behind what we have created at Cherry Mountain Farm.  I call him "Mr. Creative" because he has an amazing talent and endless ideas.  He was born and grew up in W. Palm Beach Florida but his parents were from Burlington NC and he spent many summers and holidays in NC and knew that is where he wanted to retire.  The foothills were a perfect spot as we wanted to be close to the mountains but not in the mountains.


He has so many skills and has worked a lot in metal and in wood but then he made a friend who introduced him to Case® Knives and he found his new passion.  He has become extremely knowledgeable about the product and continues to learn.  We have the largest collection in Western North Carolina and have been chosen to be 1 of 12 distributors across the US to be part of the 2022 Case Country Tour.

We pride ourselves on making people feel welcome to our farm and store and try hard to have something for everyone.  You will find Craig and our very good friend and neighbor Jennifer, working in the store and I am the animal caretaker and do the farm tours.  We all do the buying of products for the store so it's quite an eclectic mix of items.  I also manage our VRBO.

I hope this gives you a little background and that you will come for a visit, a tour or a stay in our guesthouse!

Debbi and Craig

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