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We sell home decor and gift items that fit the Farmhouse Style with a vintage and industrial theme. We also have a very wide selection of Case® knives. We try to have most of our products made locally in the southeast. 
We are open Wednesday through Saturday from 10am-5pm.

You can connect more with us here:                                                          or call Debbi (954-410-2892) or Craig (828-755-6563).


Providing the best in farmhouse style decor, handmade items and locally sourced pottery, our Forge Marketplace provides visitors with a unique shopping experience and custom made souvenirs made in our forge.

One of the reasons I decided to get Angora goats is that spinning fiber is an ancient and relaxing craft.  I hope to be able to offer roving  and raw fiber for hand spinners and spun fiber for knitters and weavers in the near future.  Stay Tuned!