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Take a Farm Tour!

Take a tour of our farm and learn more about what it takes to run a farm in rural NC. We are strictly an animal farm so you don't have to worry about us putting you to work in the field harvesting. Instead, you get to play and interact with our fun-loving goats, horses and two guard dogs that may seem intimidating but are really just two big fur babies that always want some lovin'.

Each farm tour lasts approximately 30-45 minutes depending on group size and questions asked.​

What you will experience:

  • Get up close and personal with Angora Goats 

  • Learn about care and feeding and what it takes to keep Angora Goats

  • Watch a hoof trimming demonstration

  • Learn about the mohair fiber they produce and see what can be done with it

  • Photo opportunities ( if goats will cooperate)

  • Visit the giftshop on farm

Tour requirements:

  • Minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 per tour 

  • Anyone under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult over 21

  •  $5.00 per person 

  • No flip flops or sandals allowed please wear sneakers, shoes or boots

  • If you have a larger group, accommodations can be made with prior notice and paid reservation.

The Dogs

We have 4 Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs, Cleo, Chester, Korak, and his son Sampson that watch over our goats. These are Italian sheepdogs bred 1,000+yrs ago to protect livestock from wolves. They are playful and sweet, as long as you are not a Coyote or any other predator. They live with the goats full time. 

The Goats

We have a herd of 20+ purebred Angora goats. You may not have heard of this kind of goat (and they are often mistaken for sheep) but they are a VERY fuzzy type of goat! We shear them twice a year and spin their beautiful Mohair fiber to sell in the store.

The Horses

We currently have two American Quarter Horses,

a Paint horse named Spirit and a bay mare 
named Lena. They love peppermints and of course, carrots!

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